Dec 27, 2012

DIY Coasters

For Christmas this year, I had to think a little outside the box since my family agreed not to buy presents for each other. I saw this idea on Style Me Pretty, and I loved it! A simple gift, cute and practical, and easy to personalize. I made 20 total coasters, and it came out to about $1.75/piece, with leftover materials.

What You'll Need:
  • Square Ceramic Tiles, 4.25 x 4.25 inches (mine were 11 cents a piece at the local home improvement store)
  • Decoupage Glue (I bought Mod Podge at the craft store)
  • Paper (this is the design for the tile, I just printed my designs on regular printer paper, but you can use fabric, wrapping paper, napkins, cardstock, photocopies...)
  • Thin Roll of Cork (this does account for about $0.50 of the cost per tile, but it looks more professional - use felt squares for a cheaper option, either of which are available at a craft store)
  • Paper Cutter or Xacto Knife & Cutting Board
  • Wax Paper & Newspaper
  • Waterproof Acrylic Sealer (I used Krylon clear polyurethane spray from the craft store)
  • Foam Brushes
  • Heavy-Duty Glue (I used some Guerilla Glue I already had)
  • Ribbon or string


1. Make sure the tiles are clean (wipe them off with a clean rag & alcohol if necessary). Place them on a surface covered with wax paper - if they're on newspaper the mod podge will stick to it!

2. Trim your paper designs to 4 x 4 inches, this will leave an 1/8 of an inch border on each side.

3. Generously coat the tile with a layer of mod podge using the sponge brush, make sure it covers the whole surface (work quickly, it dries fast!)

4. Center your paper on the tile, press firmly in middle and work your way to the edges - eliminating any air bubbles. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.

5. Apply another layer of mod podge over the paper in even strokes using the sponge brush, allow 15-20 minutes to dry.

6. Repeat 3 or 4 times until you're satisfied with the look. You can either brush the glue all in one direction, or every other time in the opposite direction (creates a slight hash mark pattern - that's what I did). Let it dry thoroughly between each coat.

7. When the glue is set, coat with polyurethane. If you use spray, make sure the area is well-ventilated and the surface is covered well (it goes everywhere!). Do several coats, follow the instructions on the can.

8. Allow coasters to completely dry, I'd give it a good 24 hours.

9. Trim your cork (or felt) to fit the tiles. I cut mine slightly smaller than the tiles, appx 4.125 x 4.125 inches. Apply heavy duty glue and attach the cork. Use a heavy book or object to put even pressure on the coaster while it dries (make sure even the corners are being pressed down).

10. Stack coasters and tie them up cute for a gift!

Voila! Your finished product! See how easy that was? The hardest part is being patient for things to dry along the way. The best part about these is the options for designs are limitless, and you can really never have enough coasters. Happy crafting!


  1. Wow this is a really good idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those are fantastic! If I were more crafty, I would certainly craft myself some. Impressive work!

  3. Amazing! I can't wait to make coasters of my own. I'm so excited! :) Will try to grab some materials later. -


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