Dec 20, 2012

Great Expectations

Expectations are almost always different from reality. And that's a good thing, right? How boring would life be if we knew exactly what to expect all the time?

I didn't really know what to expect when I brought Katrina to my office Christmas party last week. There was everyone with their girlfriends and husbands and wives... and in I walk with my cute half-guatemalan girlfriend, looking gorgeous in her blouse & slacks. I expected whispers. I expected awkwardness. I expected double-takes.

But in reality, there was none of that (at least, from what I saw). People met her and shook her hand and smiled and asked her name. They were nice to her, of course. Honestly? It was pretty uneventful. I think part of me was a little disappointed because I overheard a few people say something about "Ruth's friend". I don't think they got it. I think they saw what they wanted to see.

I wanted to yell, "this is my amazing girlfriend, my significant other, my everything! I'm in love with her!" But of course, I didn't. Why do we want people to know about our relationships? Why do we feel a need to share our happiness and define things for people? I guess for me... it's because I don't think that people really know me unless they know my other half. And I want to be honest and known as I am.

Either way, it was a big and scary step for me, and I still felt a huge relief afterwards. At least now I can say "Katrina this" and "Katrina that" and they'll know who I'm talking about! And I feel freer now, if someone asks anything about dating, I can just slip in "oh yeah, Katrina, remember? You met her at the Christmas party?"

(Or maybe the joke's on me and they all secretly know... I wish!)

I was happy to escape with my love for the weekend and we celebrated our Christmas together. It was a wonderful little getaway, we were able to focus on just being together with nothing else to worry about for a change. Hope you are all having a beautiful holiday season with everyone you love!

I like her a lot.
Our Jellycat owls, my new one from Australia on the right!
Katrina decorated and wrapped presents while I was at work. Gnome Santa!
All she wanted for Christmas was... a cooler
(the big present on the right).
She got me a Keurig!!! I love love love it!


  1. People do tend to see what they want to see. We once had a nutty man ask me if I was traveling with my son (it was in actuality my wife!). There is little that is as maddening to me as when people try to shove you in the tiny little boxes they are most comfortable with. But congratulations to you on bringing your girlfriend! Brave and bold step :)

  2. yay! it looks like y'all had a great christmas together. i'm glad that you took her to your party. i'm sure it was scary but now it's over and that must feel great! :) merry christmas!


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